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Al Morris is the owner of  Colorfield Gallery and is a Color Field Painter.



"Color Field Painting" was a popular form of creating paintings in the mid 20th centrury. The paintings were usually non objective and comprised mainly with the use of acrylic or oil combined with solvents. The emphasis was on color blending techniques as well as shapes.  The movement became popular in the mid century with artists i.e.

Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, Mark Rothko, and many others.


Al Morris is a native of Louisiana. Currently his working studio is in downtown Panama City and his Gallery named "Colorfield Gallery" is on Scenic Hwy 30A in Seacrest Beach , Florida.  After many years spent in  Atlanta in 2011 Al moved to the Gulf Coast to pursue  opening a gallery  to showcase his technique of Color Field Painting. It has been a dream come true. His mother was an artist and art teacher and his father was an accomplished pianist as well as a lawyer and judge in North Louisiana.  Although having no formal art education Al Morris is well read in Modern Art and Art History.  He has visited many of the Modern Art Museums around the world including  those in New York, Chicago,San Francisco, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Arles, Avignon, St Paul De Vence, Nice and others.


He is a true fan of  the Modern Art  Movement of the 19th and 20th century and MOMA exhibitions. Al has been painting since 1997 and he learned of Color Field Painting while reading and viewing plates of the

great masters of Post Modern Expressionism. The Color Field Movement which started in the 1940's and continued through the 1960's and beyond is where he puts his emphasis. Feeling this is a lost form of expression he is dedicated to reviving this characteristic form of painting.  Some of his favorite Color Field Artist’s and the work which have influenced Al are listed above with a link to their work.


Many of Al's  paintings are usually on somewhat larger canvas and the medium he uses  is a combination of Oil and solvents and sometimes other mediums including cut outs, ribbons, embossing powders, glass  and just about anything else as he evolves as an artist.


 “I enjoy creating a colorful painting that might dazzle the eye  and become whatever the viewer wants it to be"

 ““I want to continue to evolve and grow as a painter and progressively experiment in the movement called "

Color Field Painting” "



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